Public Relations and COVID-19: Focus on building trust

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the single biggest challenges at the Public Relations community. There is widespread panic triggered by misinformation; inadequate hospitals capacity leading to alarm; the stress of social distancing and lockdowns to cope with; jobs being lost; and there is uncertainty around manufacturing, travel, supply chains and public services. The recent Edelman […]

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Building a Client-Agency Partnership

Public Relations agencies can be crucial to bottom line success. PR is a business tool to ensure that the brand is always before the target group, that the brand sets up and continues the conversation with the target constituency and a constant check on the pulse of that constituency is maintained. That’s the ideal situation. […]

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Role of PR in the ​modern world

We live in exciting times. The history of Public Relations (PR) can be traced back to the 18th Century when lobbying and campaigning backed by celebrities was the norm. In the last 250 years, the art of PR has evolved. It has matured to become a strategic tool for governments, leaders, industry, businesses, social organizations, […]

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5 Points for a career in communications

Communications is acquiring fresh importance. On the one hand, people are hungry for information. On the other, the amount of available information is growing. And finally, the number of channels and technologies to reach societies, communities, and individuals has become richer than ever before. There used to be a time when communication meant writing for […]

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The Journey Begins

In the recent past, I have been asking myself… “Should I start a blog now? Or have I missed the boat with blogging? If blogging is still relevant, will it be beneficial for my readers? I guess I should … why should I start a blog?” This was obviously not the first time I asked these questions to […]

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