The Journey Begins

In the recent past, I have been asking myself…

“Should I start a blog now? Or have I missed the boat with blogging? If blogging is still relevant, will it be beneficial for my readers? I guess I should … why should I start a blog?”

This was obviously not the first time I asked these questions to myself.

Eventually, I decided to put all speculations to rest and picked up my pen (literally).  My decision to start a blog was influenced by the fact that my daughter decided to pursue her Mass Communication course.  I flattered myself by believing that she wanted to follow her father’s footsteps.

It was then that I thought, with a fulfilling career of more than 2 decades in the field of Corporate Communication, it was my responsibility to create a better understanding and enhance the knowledge for other aspirants pursuing Communications as a career.

The following reasons were persuasive enough for me come to this decision:

A – A place for me to share my story, experiences and ideas in the field of communications

B – An opportunity to create a community and a place for like-minded people to come and interact around these ideas, stories and experiences

C – A place for me to express certain aspects of my professional life and what I was doing and learning as a communicator

D – lastly it looked like fun

As I start this journey, I have no real vision of where it may lead.  I don’t know if I would succeed, but it is my way of giving something back to the industry which I was a part of for over twenty years.  I hope that some of my stories and experiences would be meaningful, rewarding and hopefully inspire, educate and give others a sense of belonging.  I would also like to thank all my mentors, bosses and friends who have helped me on this journey.

The objective of this blog is to maximise reader experience, therefore, I encourage you to please send me your inputs and feedback so that I can share more authentic, compelling and relevant stories.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Dear Varghese, this is a great first step! Here’s wishing you all the very best in your journey. Eagerly waiting to read more of what you will share here. Keep them coming.
    — Rajesh Vorkady, Veeville.


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